S1 E8: Babajide Balogun, PDP Assembly Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E8 Babajide Balogun

Balogun has worked in the private sector and has served as the Special Adviser to the immediate past Minister of State for Defence. He is committed to youth development by empowering and sponsoring youths in Lagos state. In this episode, he discusses money politics, youth empowerment and his plans for his constituency.

Topic Of The Day: Money Politics

“Without money you cannot even go into politics because you need to spend a little bit of money to achieve whatever you want to achieve…You can get into politics without money but still, you running an election, you need money. Being a politician is not about money. You can get involved: talk to people in your constituency, to register to vote. ”

“Well, mentorship is the key. That is what you need as a young man. You need to know the ground to step on. A lot of us want to be politicians. Some of us young people even have this money but politics is a different ball game. You need to get someone who can mentor you and you want to follow their footsteps. mentorship is more important than the money.”

“You have to look at who you are getting funding from. Is this guy waiting for me to get something. Yes, some people need money. But some people just need the change. They need the right young people in power to achieve the change because they cannot do it anymore. It now boils down to the person you are getting funding from. Most of them don’t need you to pay them back in money or position so it is left for you to do the right thing. You have to be very truthful. Most of the older politicians promised what they cannot deliver.”

“The politician spends to get a ticket, do ward tours, constituency tours, meetings, but nomination forms. After this and being a candidate, I think the political party should help to push you further to win the election. The political party ought to spend more money now to project you to win the election. It is actually my plea.”

Joining PDP

“I joined PDP for a while now. The structure is there. It is better for you to have a party with structures as it helps you through many things…I liked the party and I just had to be a party of it.”

“I do not think age has been a barrier. Any which way, put your own contribution and one person will listen to you…They will say “let us listen to him”. PDP is the party that really listens to young people.”

On Grassroots Politics

“I really agree with the grassroots politics. I see people running for the higher offices but have you got grassroots? Why will I want to run House of Reps? I might win but better to come from the grassroots. That is why I am running for the state assembly. By God’s grace, I will go higher and higher.”

“I don’t want to say that I have a godfather but I have God the father.”

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