S1 E7: Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro, APC House of Reps Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E7 Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro

Obanikoro had years of experience in banking before veering into farming and entrepreneurship. He is the convener of the 67million Youth Initiative. He sees himself as a grassroots politician. In this chat, he speaks on party politics and his plans if he wins the elections.

Topic of the Day: Party Politics

At the moment, we don’t have ideological parties but in the nearest future, we will get there. The people, mannerisms and approach (of those in APC and PDP) are different…in similar ways but yet different.”

“At the time, I felt that the PDP had nothing to offer me any more. I felt that it was a sinking ship. I am still of that opinion. The leaders of the party at the time did not do justice to we, the upcoming politicians.”

“My youth leader at the time was in his 50s. My youthful days were with PDP. My ticket was not given to me on a platter of gold. It cost us time, energy and a lot of money to win my ticket. I wouldn’t say that the PDP favours the younger people in any way.”

New Political Parties

“In the next ten years, maybe our parties will begin to have an ideology. We have to decide within ourselves what we want to be.”

“Not to discourage the new parties, or belittle them, I just feel it is a waste of time. It is better we channel our energy towards a common goal than thinning it out. The votes are usually between the two main parties. Why don’t you join one of the existing ones and try to create your own movement in there?”

Purpose of Politics

“Politics doesn’t pay me money, it takes away all my money…My passion is to contribute my quota to the development of my community. I do not see this as a means to an end. I try to change that psyche. It is supposed to be about service to the people.”

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