S1 E6: Emmanuel Etim, CNP Presidential Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E6 Emmanuel Etim

Emmanuel Etim cut his teeth as a young businessman and Group CEO of Africa Business and Investment Groups based in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia. He is passionate about African youths contributing to development of their nations. In this interview, he speaks about nation building and his journey to politics.

Topic of the Day: Nation building

“For you to build a nation you need the people, so without the people there is no nation. Yet, we keep talking about the fact that Nigeria is a nation that has to be built. So, let us build the people first.”

On Leadership

“Everybody is a leader. Leadership exists at all levels…leaders who choose to represent the interests of the people they represent. That leadership has to come up with a vision. The role of the leader should include coming up with a vision that we all can unite on: where are we going? What kind of nation-state do we want to be? What kind of people do we want to evolve into? That is still absent. We cannot have that in a country like Nigeria because the vision that brought Nigeria together was that of the British, to serve their colonial interests where Nigeria remains a resource base for raw materials. That is the vision that brought Nigeria together.”

“The electorate are leaders themselves because they are choosing the first among equals. So, the role of the electorate is to identify the vision that they want to aspire behind and then they define who has the capacity to unite them behind that vision. So, they set the vision, not the leaders.”

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