S1 E5: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour PDP Senatorial Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E5 Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour was born in a family of lawyers but he studied Architecture at Nottingham University and Research and Public Policy at The University of Lagos. He aspires to represent the Lagos West Senatorial district at the Nigerian Senate. He speaks about what the Lagos masterplan as well as what true politics should be.

Topic of the Day: New School Politics

“We need to get away from the idea that you have been a former governor and you should go and retire in the Senate. The Senate is where the ideas and policies that can be negotiated by the entirety of the Assembly are made…More than anything 67 million people are under the age of 35 and they need representation  there as well.”

“The reason why our politics is so expensive is the level of poverty. We copy systems and we are not ready to do what it takes to actually sustain those systems. So, for instance in England and America where we look to them for their democracy, we see that there welfare is important. So a person does not need to go to a politician to collect one thousand Naira but they collect unemployment benefits from government while unemployed…these things allow for democracy to thrive in the true sense of it but there is no such thing here, so becoming a politician now becomes like a social welfare method.”

Model Senator

“I aim to be the model senator. I want to create a prototype for what a senator should be and that should be based on interactions with constituents, the projects that we do, and how we build consensus to ensure that everyone has a stake in the project…also trying to open up the senatorial district to investments…is also very important for me.”

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