S1 E3: Tolu Roland Olanrewaju, PDP Assembly Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E3 Tolu Roland Olanrewaju

Fondly called TRO, Olanrewaju has experience in business and he has worked closely with several governors in Ekiti. He worked closely with the Not Too Young to Run team and hopes to reduce youth employment in his state.

Topic of the Day: #NotTooYoungToRun

“We the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. So, for our tomorrow, we are taking action today. It is left for young people to know that we have to get the change that we really want.”

“Before you can lead, you need to serve. You need to serve the people, to find out what they really want. Once you know what they want, then you can get the change that they really want.”

“We the youths are just being used by politicians as political thugs when we are the ones actually making the change.”

Political Participation

“We are taking action today for our tomorrow. You cannot just expect change because you have your PVC. You need your PVC, you also need to be a card carrying member, you need to participate in what is going on around you, in your constituency, your local government, when you participate, you can have an idea of what they really want. If you don’t do this, if you do not participate, there is no way you can get the change you want.”

“You don’t need all the experience, I have all that it takes to make the change. I have been to my constituency. I have been in this for a while. I grew up serving my Dad. I have learned a few things from different administrations in Ekiti. I have started doing a few things in my constituency.”

“I want there to be a change of policy for the benefits of the youths. I will be the voice of the youths and protect the interest of my people. About 70 percent of the youths are jobless. We will encourage them to become SMEs. We will organise trainings for them and make them employers of labour.”

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