S1 E13: DA Akwa Ibom Deputy Governorship candidate, Ann Ukpong

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E13 Ann Ukpong

Ukpong studied Statistics at the University of Westminster. She holds a Masters Degree in Transport Studies. She has experience in public service in Nigeria. In 2003, she was elected as the first Vice President of the Nigerian Statistical Association. As Ports Manager of the Calabar Ports, she supervised over 1,200 people organised into 22 departments. She discusses the game of politics, agriculture and plans for Akwa Ibom on Politico Politica.

Topic Of The Day: Game of Politics

“People say politics is a dirty game but when people that are not dirty play a game, even if it was dirty, the game will be clean. When a clean person goes in, the person sanitises the game. That is why I got involved in politics. I am not dirty so my involvement will make politics a clean game. We will play it according to the rules. It is dirty because it is not played according to the rules.”

“A lot of time I don’t think INEC is independent. Sometimes I think INEC works from the answer. The answer is already there and they do everything to get to that answer. They are following a script, without mincing words. We hope that will not be the case going into the 2019 elections.”

“You will pick from what is presented to you. The citizens are not presented with better options. Sometimes I feel the options are too limited…It is getting better and that is why I joined Democratic Alternative and not any of the popular parties.”


“For your information, my governorship candidate is 37 years old. You people are going into politics. It is not peculiar to Nigeria and Nigeria cannot be left in the cold. That is why the president signed the #Nottooyoungtorun bill…Age should not be a barrier.”

On Democratic Alternative Party

“That people do not know about the party does not mean that the party does not exist. we have been working in the background for a long time.”

“It is not about me. It is not about what I get. I am in politics because of what I want to give back.”

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