S1 E10: Babajide Adeola Balogun, YP Assembly Candidate

Politico Politica With Isabella Akinseye S1 E10 Babajide Adeola Balogun

Balogun studied Political Science at the University of Lagos but his love for politics dates farther than studying the course as he was born to a politician father who was a Local Government Chairman.  He worked as Business Executive officer for a transports logistics firm; he was an administrative officer and policy researcher at Youth Party. He was the PRO of National Union of Lagos State Students, UNILAG chapter. 25-year-old Balogun discusses political ideology,  godfatherism and #NotTooYoungToRun with Isabella Akinseye.

Topic Of The Day: Student Politics

Corruption has eaten deep into student politics…It is the laziness of some student leaders that has led to the fact that some people will take what is meant for the people into their pocket and no one is asking questions. That is how corruption is allowed to come in. I feel it is the lack of participation of certain leaders that is allowing people siphon what belongs to everyone.”

“I have learned how to deal with my fellow colleagues…I have learned how to manage students and cater for their welfare. And this will help me know how to manage my people as well as their welfare.”

Political Journey

“The greatest opportunity I have had in my life is studying Political Science. One thing that I have learned about many of our current leaders is that they don’t have the experience of politics. They have not learned about politics. It is one thing to be a leader naturally, it is another thing to go through Political Science. You need to learn the theories. You need to learn how to apply the theories. You need to read the history of how people have applied the theories. The fact that I studied Political Science will give me an advantage over other candidates.”

“I subscribe to a welfare state that caters to the people more. Social housing, basic healthcare and quality education for the people. I have gone through different parties manifestoes and the first party that has an ideology targeted as a welfare state is the Youth Party.”


“The #Nottooyoungtorun movement is very effective. We also need young people who can perform. We are looking for young people who can perform. Young people can perform. They have the fresh, innovative ideas. They have felt the pains…we need to save our people from the hands of the people that are running claiming they are elderly people. We need young people who want to rescue their people from the problems.”

“Leadership is not just about experience, it is about performance, how you care for the people, what the people need. Governance should cater for the people. Give them what they need.”

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