Politico Politica is a show on Nigerian politics. We answer the question—how do Nigerians participate in politics?—by focusing on the major issues around politics: elections, civic participation, dividends of democracy, voter intimidation, godfatherism, and more.

Every episode draws attention to different themes from various perspectives ensuring that all sides are covered. We take the issue by horns, even as we try to solve the puzzle of making Nigeria work. Through this, we also reflect on how every Nigerian can partake in politics.

Politico Politica is hosted by Isabella Akinseye who interviews exciting personalities in the Nigerian political landscape on matters affecting the polity. Divided into five parts—”Topic of the Day” where the guests respond to a certain issue; “Politics and More” where we learn of the guest’s journey into the politics; the “Quick Fire” segment where guests answer short questions; “In Other News” where highlights of political news across the country is shared and “Final Words” where guests speak words that they consider dear to them to the audience.

Politico Politica is produced by Yellow Tamarind Productions and it premiered on September 30, 2018 on Youtube. You can also catch the show on Views Channel (Startimes channel 108).

Here, on Politico Politica, politics is for everyone; you should play your part and stay woke.

Meet Our Host: Isabella Akinseye

Isabella Akinseye is the founder and CEO of Yellow Tamarind Productions, a media and PR company based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the host and producer of Africana Literati, an art, book and culture magazine TV show and Correct Student, an educational radio show. An Education with English and Drama graduate from the University of Cambridge, she has also hosted several programmes including The FrontPage, The Movie Buff Show, Rubbin Minds, Untold Facts and The Clapperboard Show. Isabella’s writings have also been published in newspapers, magazines and online. She is a seasoned compere and has anchored conferences, award ceremonies, readings, festivals, book launches and corporate events. She was nominated for the 2017 EbonyLifeTV Sisterhood Awards for TV Personality of the Year.